Wisconsin: Tax hell and questionable justice.

If you live in the state of Wisconsin and you are a non-government employee or business owner you understand implicitly that the state is a tax hell. Income tax, sales tax, gas tax, property tax (over 40% of which is school tax), and rising fees as far as the eye can see combine to create one of the highest tax states in America (basic tax details here, rankings by state (state taxes only) here and finally combined state and local burden data here.

Amazingly, the state still can’t balance its books as it closed its 2005-2006 Taxpayer Gun Season with a $2.15 billion general fund deficit…(WISTAX report here).

According to the report cited above by CNNMoney.com Wisconsin is tied with Rhode Island as the 4th highest tax state in America, and only 1/10th of one percent out of 3rd… I point this out to illustrate what the productive citizens of Wisconsin face financially in support of government, including its leviathan school monopoly (almost 50% of the state’s budget). One would think the roads would be paved with gold, 95% of high school students would be qualified to apply to any Big Ten university, and the justice system tops in the country.

Well, the reality is very different. Not even graduation rates are at 95% and in too many cases a high school diploma in Wisconsin doesn’t add up to readiness. Moreover, despite spending roughly $250,000 per classroom the state’s graduation rate for blacks was the lowest in the nation. A student can graduate from the government high school in Hudson, Wisconsin and not be qualified to apply to the University of Wisconsin. And such is typical all across the state where classes such as Sports Marketing, Agility Training, Fly Fishing, Freshman Year Initiative are actually offered. Wisconsin claims one of the highest graduation rates in the nation (85%) and spends a ton of money to do it, but this says nothing about the readiness of those graduates.

That reality is alarming as only 34% of students entering high school pop out the other end qualified to apply to a four year college. What this means is that the remaining 66% are either not ready or don’t graduate. This I would deem to be the high school failure rate. The former Director of Curriculum for the Hudson Schools said that it would be unfair for students to be required to take Algebra II and/or Physics and Chemistry because too many would fall through the cracks… Well, 66% are falling through using the monopoly’s current approach. Enough said.

As for Justice, well just today we learned that two boys kidnapped four years apart were found in the same suburban St. Louis apartment. A routine search warrant led police to investigate the Kirkwood, Mo., apartment of Michael Devlin, an Imo’s Pizza manager and part-time funeral home worker. He was charged with first-degree kidnapping and bail was set at $1 million. The state of Missouri has no time for a potential flight of this character, as it should be…

Here in Wisconsin recently (Brown County – Green Bay area) Paulo Sheispan Landero, a 25-year-old illegal immigrant, jumped bail a week ago Friday when he failed to show up to face accusations he molested a 12-year-old girl on several occasions last year. The illegal immigrant remains at large, having been released last Tuesday after posting $5,000 bail. He was arrested and booked New Year’s Eve after the girl’s mother alerted authorities. What makes the Brown County case so outrageous and typical of the liberal mind-set in Wisconsin is that Brown County officials knew this punk was an illegal alien and was deported from Minnesota back to Mexico due to previous criminal activity.

The District Attorney in Brown County had this lame response: “If you strip away this bad information about this deportation, then you would have a Hispanic male with little record,” Zakowski (a Republican, as if that matters in WI) said. “You’re not going to get much more of a bond than that… That number was within the ballpark of what’s reasonable.”

If you take away his prior record? Reasonable? What the ______ is that? Moreover, how can the D.A. in Brown County imply that sexual molestation of a 12 year old is an offense for which a $5,000 bond is legitimate? In the “ballpark of reason? In the face of potentially 60 years in prison??

On Wisconsin – a tax hell, a soviet style education monopoly, and a broken justice system.

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