Dear Mr. President – Eat in and Stay Home.

As you surely must have noted over the course of the last couple of years, whenever you make a major address to the American people your popularity declines. While communicating to the American public at large is important for a president, especially during times of war, communication does not have to be in the form of a personal address to the nation.

Your finest moment as president was immdiately on the heels of September 11th, 2001. Your speech later that month to both houses of Congress, the American people, and the world was your finest moment.

That point in time and the ensuing invasion of Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban was America at its best and you led us well. Unfortunately, things went spirallying off after we were victorious in Afghanistan and Iraq. Victorious in Iraq? Yes.

We have already won the war in or with Iraq. It is the aftermath of that victory that has become your bane. Nation-building in that region has turned out to be a national nightmare principally because Iran, and others, have fueled and rekindled a centuries old religious battle. You enter the scene with Americans to bring democracy and the rule of law to Iraq, but you do so as a religious crusader riding under the flag of both the United States and Christianity. To not see this is to ignore the plain view of those whom you wish to democratize.

Tonight you will be giving the State of The Union address; an unnessecary matter that will simply bring you lower public opinion, especially among those in your own political party. The other side are merely hyenas licking their chops over a meal you are aparently bringing in several courses this evening.

My advice – eat in and stay home.

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