The World v. Tim Hardaway

Tim Hardaway, former Miami Heat basketball star, seriously irritated the whole world, or so it would seem… video here. It is with utter horror that anyone with a bullhorn or a pen now condemns this man for being base. The only way this could be any more bizarre would be if Tim Hardaway were a white politician serving in the United States Congress!

Talk about phobia’s, it never ceases to amaze me the degree of self-righteous indignation that goes on display immediately upon the revelation of any luminary who disparages (let alone makes a moral statement) homosexuality… I am always reminded of the day my neighbor (a retired, single fellow who was a devout Catholic and who was diagnosed and died from cancer) came over to my house with an article entitled, “The Filthy Habits of Homosexuals.” He said to me, “if every heterosexual who was so damn pro-gay in this country, or who takes such great offense at anyone who says anything derrogatory about gays, could read this I guarantee you they would immediately shut up.”

Well, I read it and it certainly made my stomach turn. Of course he was right, in a way. The sex habits of homosexuals are bizzare and, quite possibly, sickening to 90% of the population. Moreover, anyone who simply doesn’t want to have the homo mantra of “tolerance” shoved down their face is immediately cast as a base, immoral, irrational homophobe. The problem here is clear and Tim Hardaway is illustrating it; by accepting this tacit societal tolerance nonsense, one is by default condoning the behavior. Tim Hardaway will have nothing of it. Tim Hardaway was merely vocalizing what many many people in this world silently agree with, that most of us will have nothing of it either. We don’t want it for our children, we don’t want it in their classrooms, we certainly don’t want to have to make special accommodation for the behavior, and we most definitely do not want a penny of our tax dollars spent in any way that would overtly encourage, support, or legitimize the behavior.

Tim Hardaway has every right to say what he said and frankly I don’t blame him for feeling uncomfortable around outspoken, out-acting gay people. When one views it not as a thing of the mind, but rather a perversion of biology, you then begin to see why Mr. Hardaway is uncomfortable. For him, and many other people, it is their recognition of the physical reality of homosexual relations – especially when it is put on display publicly, evidence of it found in a mall bathroom, or when some self-righteous ass tells you that you (the heterosexual) need to change…

Again, free association and the right to withdraw only seems to apply provided the associations are politically correct, and that from which you are withdrawing is politically incorrect. Tim Hardaway is stridently opinionated (heaven forbid we should have independent opinions) and believes the behavior of homos is immoral and grotesque – and in no uncertain terms. Good for Tim, as far as that goes and, frankly, we need more people with guts to stand up for what they believe.

However, if Hardaway were to walk down the street asking people if they were “fags,” and any he found he beat senseless, then Tim would have crossed the line into the initiation of physical force – I would be the first in line to see that he was locked up. But that is the nature of justice and the moral role of government – to protect all people (including gays) from the actual, not the perception of, threat from violence and to protect private property. What the circus media and the self-righteous mind controllers out there want is the government to protect gays from the initiation of thinking… And this is not unique to the gay issue, it’s all over the place right now.

The greatest problem we have is that none of us dare to critically question such behaviors as that of gays, beliefs and agendas that the media and organized groups (including many religious groups) shove down our throats under the veil of “tolerance” or faith. It is social mysticism and self delusion which operates and rules the day, the reality is conveniently never brought to the surface for all to see. Just imagine for a moment if any government K-12 school in this country were to require all 9th graders to read a book entitled, “The Filthy, Aids Promoting, Sexual Behaviors of Homosexuals.”

Now, I may or may not agree with Mr. Hardaway, and that isn’t my point here. What is my point is that if we are truly a free and open society comments of the sort made by Tim Hardaway should simply be observed in the context that he fully has a right to say them and not made into a media circus. Yet, as surely as the sun rises on the heels of his comments an asinine reply to Tim was sure to come, “what if you heard someone say they hated black people?” Apparently, being gay has now been elevated in the minds of the social mystics and is now a racial matter. Last time I checked, the mere color of ones skin does not fundamentally determine or control their behavior. Last time I checked 95% of black people are heterosexual, as are whites, yellows, browns and whatever amalgam you can conjure up. To argue otherwise plays right into the hands of the collectivists of all stripes; since we cannot control even our most basic instincts then all bets are off – since this is a mind game to begin with, tyranny of the mind must rule the day.

Tim Hardaway and I may or may not agree on many things, but I will be a lone voice in support of his right to say what he said and to consider it in light of the reality of matters, and not in light of a world of superstition and make-believe. In the case of The World v. Tim Hardaway, I’d gladly be a witness for the defense.

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