Thoughts on global warming – cooler heads must prevail.

Just when you think you have all this global warming stuff figured out, and you go and bet the pine cone farm on it, things change.

Some tricky physicist screws up all the plans by tossing in an interesting discussion about watts per square meter, the logarithmic limitations and reality of a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere, cosmic rays and their effect on cloud formation, ice core sample analysis errors, the inconvenient reality about the “hockey stick” graph, etc., etc., … and then all hell breaks loose! Scientists start running for cover, politicians start to massage their messages, Mars starts to warm (how the heck did that happen? We don’t even drill for oil there!), ignorant agenda driven activists and bandwagon riders commence some pretty stunning rationalizations for their alarmism (just before becoming eerily silent), and the Weather Channel’s logo gets changed to an egg on Heidi Cullen’s face…

It’s all so doggone maddening.

For me, I am glad I studied enough physics and chemistry to be literate with those disciplines and, particularly, enough economics and philosophy to be studied, conversant and not unconcious. Far more importantly, however, I am so glad I took the time to read Rudyard Kipling’s fabulous 1919 poem, The Gods of the Copybook Headings.

I remain an objective observer of all the information on every side of this “global warming” matter. It is foolish and dangerous to resort to political gamesmanship, or to subscribe to junk science propaganda, of the type Al Gore spews. By any objective measure, Al Gore has several agendas. Some of which are, in my view, far more damaging than any possible contribution CO2 may or may not be making to whatever degree of global atmospheric change is actually going on (and which direction it will ultimately lead).

We absolutely must be responsible stewards of the environment, and on this I agree fully with the environmental alarmists out there. Moreover, you will not find a more enthusiastic lover of silent sports and the great outdoors than I. However, we bear an even greater responsibility to ourselves. Intellectual Infidelity does not consist of believing or disbelieving, rather it consists of professing to believe in that which you know cannot be true or pushes logic and reality so far past the realm of reason to be self-evidently irrational. Certainly it is intellectually intoxicating if you come from a particular world-view to buy into the man-made global warming alarmism and its associated political activism. As understandable as that is, cooler heads must prevail and perhaps that will be the irony here – that cooler heads are the “deniers” amoung us.

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