A Flag To Ponder…


by flash The official flag of Saudi Arabia has been used by its government for the last 34 years (since March 15, 1973). It is green with white Arabic inscriptions and a large sword.

The script on the flag is the Islamic declaration of faith:

لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
la ilaha illa llahu muhammadun rasulu llah

Translation: “No God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet”

Simply put, the words and the sword represent a country which desires to impose Islam by force. We may be battling in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the source, the true source of the proliferation of radical Islam (hell, Islam period), is Saudi Arabia. Its petro dollars have funded the spread of Islam all over the world and to date we have not held this gang of thugs accountable. Moreover, Iran is poised to gain nuclear weapons grade materials and also holds tremendous energy reserves. This tag team of terrorists must not be allowed to proliferate this hateful and rediculous brand of mystic malevolence.

President Bush is, in my view, naive when he says that Islam is a peaceful religion which has been hijacked. Frankly, he is simply wrong. Islam is not inherently peaceful, it is inherently violent and absent of human rights. If a citizen comes to you and tells you they are an American Moslem, you must understand that this is incongruent – an oxymoron. Being an American, understanding and embracing philosophically what the idea of America is, verses living under the stated tenets of Islam are practically and intellectually incompatible.

The sooner we deal with the menace of Islam and countries such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, which spew this evil mysticism, the sooner we will have peace and prosperity around the globe. To the extent we decieve ourselves and live in a state of perpetual delusion about Islam we simply postpone onto our children an inevitable and far more violent conflict.

Appease the lion at your own risk, but sooner or later he will come for you and your mind too.


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  1. Flash Says:

    No later than the finger oil had dried on the keyboard, we learned this from Amir Taheri,
    Arab News, April 14, 2007.

    “Until just a few days ago, most policymakers and analysts in the West often cited Algeria as a successful example of dealing with Islamist terror through political means rather than the use of force. The idea is that accommodating the Islamists by offering them a share of political power while adopting part of their social agenda would temper their appetite for total domination.

    The resurgence of terrorism, as witnessed in the recent series of attacks including a spectacular suicide operation that killed 30 people in the capital Algiers on Wednesday, casts doubt on the validity of that analysis.

    For, during the past six years, President Abdulaziz Bouteflika has gone out of his way to accommodate the Islamists. He started by freeing thousands of militants, including hundreds with blood on their hand, from prison.

    He continued with an amnesty that allowed thousands more to come out of the hiding and resettle in society, often with generous grants from the government. In some cases the government “compensated” the supposedly repenting terrorists for losses sustained while away doing the “jihad”.

    In countless cases, these amnestied criminals have used their time with normality as an opportunity to rest, have their teeth done, and in many cases even get married and father a brood before returning to the forests and mountains to resume their “jihad”.

    Full article here

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