Sheryl and Laurie…. and other tidbits.

by flash Mark Belling (Milwaukee radio personality, WISN) has an interesting post out at GMToday. The article is dead on regarding the witch hunt taking place in Washington, D. C. – reinforced over the weekend by the actions of two mindless and ignorant socialists: Sheryl Crow and Laurie David (for a real screamer, check out this inconvenient interview by Joe Kernen of this dynamic duo of washed up women.).

Crow and David tried to ruffle Rove’s feathers at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner on Sunday (W. Post account here). Clearly, these two schmucks have received the Washington witch hunt talking and acting points memo… as well as being clearly nothing more than ignorant ho’s for big Al. My recommendation to both (well, all three actually), especially after the CNBC interview: go back and review your flash cards, you’re clearly missing some key math facts. It’s one thing to make an ass of ones self, but then realizing the insanity of it all when you can only use one sheet of tp… Hey Sheryl, one sheet won’t cover this up.

On to Belling…

In their desperate attempt to slime Alberto Gonzales and show that Karl Rove was making political decisions in the Justice Department, Kohl and Feingold are smearing the best federal prosecutor Wisconsin has ever had. The irony is that they are accusing Biskupic of abusing his power for political purposes by conducting a politically motivated investigation.

Let me repeat that. The irony is that Kohl and Feingold are accusing Biskupic of abusing his power by conducting a politically motivated investigation. That’s precisely what they are doing. Who investigates them?

This is all fascinating, and true…. well worth pondering. What was doubly fascinating to me was Belling’s “Political tidbit No. 2” at the end of the above piece.

Political tidbit No. 2: Republicans in the state Legislature aren’t going to try to kill Governor Doyle’s big oil franchise fee/gas tax increase. That’s because they are as beholden to the state road builders lobby as Doyle. After the road builders successfully targeted Republican state Sen. Tom Reynolds for defeat last fall, most in the GOP are terrified of offending them.

This has led me down a rather circuitous path which will undoubtedly end up with at least another posting on one or the other of these stories – funny how the Global Warming Campus Campaign of Crow and David has now run headlong into the witch hunt for Karl Rove… And there are still people out there who seriously question the political / activist foundations of the ACGW crowd.

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