Donky Kong: America’s Next Political Disaster

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Irritation was followed by motivation after reading the above linked article out of the Telegraph today regarding comments by former U.N. Ambassador Bolton. Or, on the heels of watching last night’s debate I find myself writing today…

I find it more than just a little irritating that at this point we get messages like Bolton’s – where was his voice, where was this message, why wasn’t this whole matter nipped in the bud when we had the chance? The reason is that George W. Kumbayah was and is not about fighting a war under the premise of destruction and humiliation (as it should be), but rather under the flag of compassion and sacrifice; GWK’s religiously motivated compassion, America’s sacrifice. This is precisely the wrong ideology needed to win, and absolutely one of the reasons why Ronald Reagan withdrew from Lebanon way back when – Ron Paul was correct about this last night, but was such a pathetically incapable communicator of his own ideas that he was simply blown off the stage. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that woefully incomplete thoughts such as Paul’s leave terrible impressions and fully complete assumptions. So long Ron Paul.

What really got my anger rolling was watching the GOP candidates as a group last night. In my view, it was an almost unbearable witnessing of the final decline of the current incarnation of the Republican Party. What I saw were 6 deeply conflicted characters, one severely challenged communicator, a former governor who needs surgery to tighten his lightbulb (who would really be better off selling cheese curds at Lambeau Field), a good potential sec-def, and a deeply emotionally scared former Mayor who cannot possibly get the irrational religious right backing of his own party. Yikes! This is the “new” Republican Party? Sorry about this, but it’s the same whore wearing a different dress. The same two litmus tests are there – it is no different.

After last night I am fully convinced that both Fred Thompson and Newt Gingrich will absolutely enter the race. It will quickly boil down to four which will actually become six by July 15th. The GOP will start arguing more, splintering further, and devolving into a gang of bickering, evangelical, pro-life/pro-war (as long as it is Americans who are sacrificing) whiners incapable of getting elected to dog catcher.

Here’s the reshuffled deck come July 15th (or earlier):

1. Rudy G
2. Mitt R
3. Duncan H
4. John M
5. Newt G
6. Fred T

Make no mistake here folks, there is no one in the group last night who has a consistent philosophical approach which restates and re-establishes the founding vision of this country first. Ron Paul comes close, but has zero ability to communicate those very compelling notions that he theoretically stands for – plus, he has an unsustainable position on our current state of affairs in the middle east. Ron, we are there and we can’t go back in time. We can use many of his ideas, but he is not the one to promote them.

When it comes to defending this country, I did not hear any of them (including Mr. Hunter) advocating for destruction and humiliation in a meaningful way as the exclusive means to ending the threat of radical islam. Ron Paul’s comment about Reagan and Lebanon bears noting here. Reagan did pull out for the reason Paul stated (amoung others). Had Reagan been Commander-in-Chief on nine-eleven, I believe the response would have been much different and conducted decidedly differently than the way GWK has operated – particularly as related to the fixation on Iraq and the relative kid glove treatment of Iran. Reagan understood what both Bush’s could never come to grips with – when faced with evil such as the irrational mind of radical islam there is no such thing as compassionate, sacrificially motivated military action – such a concept is inane and sews the seeds for far greater threats to our nation.

Unless a completely different character emerges I would seriously start preparing for another Democrat in the White House coupled with full Dem control of both houses. Total donky kong….version “x” ?

The degree to which the stage has been set for this is now far greater than any in the GOP are willing to admit. In fact, I doubt they really see it coming. Frankly, I don’t know whether the Democrats do either but they better get ready for their impending dictatorship. You will hear every irrational political rationalization under the sun in the coming days, weeks and months. But this gang is done. The GOP is dead; get ready for the next political disaster because it will be one with a donkey monicer.

Rant mode off…


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