The Republican Party once stood for smaller, less intrusive, government; implicitly lower taxation; non-interventionism abroad; protection and promotion of capitalism and its implicit foundation of private property; and most profoundly, the promotion and expansion of individual liberty. Under this solid base one could clearly see a link to a great but profoundly limited moral purpose of a just government: guaranteeing the protection of life (health), liberty, and private property against violent attack – the pursuit of happiness being implicit.

What should have been at the very worst an attempt (irregardless of the undeclared war on Islam) to stop the expansion of the federation has resulted in the exact opposite. The last seven years have resulted in a far larger, incredibly more intrusive government (federal, state and local); higher effective taxation at most levels of government (including at the federal level due to federal debt management policies by the central bank); manifestly interventionist foreign policy revealed by a principle of pre-emptive engagement premised not upon destruction and humiliation of a directly threatening enemy, but purely upon American sacrifice; zero support for the expansion of policies to support laissez faire economics; far reaching court decisions (Kelo) which degrade rather than enhance private property; and lastly, the imposition of an incredibly large new layer of federal bureaucracy known as the Department of Homeland Security.

The great irony to date is that, notwithstanding the fact no large scale terror event has occurred here since 2001, Homeland Security has had its greatest impact domestically in consuming vast resources while limiting and threatening the liberties of regular law-abiding Americans, rather than diminishing the greatest and most obvious threat to real homeland security (and the rule of law) – the unimpeded illegal entry by foreigners simply walking, running, driving, swimming, or boating through our borders. And once here, zero courage to send the criminals back!

All of this without one Federal department (such as Education, Energy, or EPA) severly downsized, let alone eliminated. The President has issued two vetos in seven years, and his most recent was not in opposition to the money grabbing ear marks associated with the bill but rather the fact that his “Selfless War” would be placed into jeapardy. Clearly, with his track record, had the bill that he vetoed not contained the call for a pullout timetable he would have signed it gladly – ear marks notwithstanding. His justification: sacrifice. Not for Americans, but of Americans. Not of Iraqis, but for Iraqis. A philosophy of sacrifice knows no end, it is only limited by the degree of guilt that can be imputed on otherwise innocent people through the creativity of its promoter. In this case, George W. Bush.

Rudolph Guiliani, the current front runner and apparent victor of last night’s debate, speaks of 3,000 innocent Americans lost on 9-11 as if their death justifies the deaths of 3,500 American soldiers as yet another sacrifice – to the Iraqi people. You don’t hear the arguments being made that this sacrifice is for liberty, the concept that is bandied about ceaslessly is democracy. It’s not about our liberty anymore, it’s all about others democracy. Does anyone out there see the incredible incongruity in all of this? At what point of marginal grief would every one of those people who died on 9-11 say STOP the madness. We cannot justify the sacrifice of one more American over there to rebuild someone elses *&$^@^^ government sewage system, government school, mystic mosque or interventionist bureau of Iraqi diversity training. Their gain of interventionist democracy is at our loss of liberty – it has become axiomatic.

When any one of those candidates for President throw around the 9/11 badge of honor and dare speak for the dead as a collective, I just wish Britt Hume or Chrissy Matthews would ask that candidate this: “do you really think you can speak for all of those who perished in the attacks?” The answer would be terribly revealing.

So it is, reality is real – a thing is itself and, as the great Aristotle stated, “A is A.” The GOP has delivered government that is bigger and more intrusive, aided and abetted a nation consumed by and premised upon foreign holding of debt, stood by and often times helped private property to be seized for the most outrageous of justifications, the resultant enhancement of government revenue. Moreover, they have justified reductions in individual taxation and massive increases in government debt not by the ability of those measures to increase individual freedom and liberty but by, again, the worst of all justifications – increased revenue to itself! And the President and other members of the GOP state this fact openly and often. And worst of all, layer upon layer of fog and revisionary thinking has been placed over the founding vision of this once great nation.

It is once again time in America to stand up for the individual’s primary right and to demand the subordinance of all levels of government to the individual and those inalienable rights of life, liberty and property. In this matter, the GOP has proven itself inherently incapable and a clear impediment.

Rest in peace GOP, you’ve done enough damage to liberty already.

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