16,000 dead, yet the flag waves at full staff.

Where is George W. Kumbayah today when the news comes out that in 2006 over 16,000 people were murdered? Where is the national day of prayer? The raising of the flag to half-staff? The candle-light vigils and personal visits by the president? Where indeed..

George W. Kumbayah (to be fair, virtually all politicos) only engages in national grief planning when the marginal benefit of collectivised grief exceeds the marginal cost of not drawing attention to himself and the federal government, vis-a-vis the number of dead persons in any single killing spree or act of nature. A single murder, a single rape, a single armed robbery does not raise the marginal attention of the national news media enough to create a marginal benefit for the president to engage in his after-the-fact evangelical monkey business, i.e. public prayer (if he were truly interested in the intervention of an omnipotent being, perhaps he should be calling for nationwide prayer the moment the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning, or at the opening day of schools around the country).

Viloent crime is up in America, so is religious mysticism and societal mysticism. Where is Kumbayah? I don’t know, but chances are good he’s out praying somewhere for something that happened yesterday… Or, dreaming up some other mode of sacrificing our liberty and freedom so others can enjoy the redistributionist ideology he so smugly refers to as democracy…

Facts here.

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