Mr. President, with all due respect

Mr. Bush said the $4.4 billion would “come from the fines and penalties that we collect from those who have come to our country illegally” and apply for legal status.

George W. Bush as quoted from the NY Times regarding his twisted vision of fiscal responsibility as regards paying for border security, for which we already have paid over a billion. And still have virtually no border security.

Let me get this straight. President Bush wants us all to once again sit around and sing Kumbayah while letting 12 million people receive defacto amnesty, plus allow their relatives into the country. All of this on the premise that givernment will secure the borders and pay for it by collecting fines from criminals-by-definition who have proven an absolute disregard for the law? Bush argues that $4.4 billion will be collected from this crowd, implying directly that we will have border security only if it is paid for by those who illegally crossed the border….

What the President is not telling you is that his amnesty plan will actually cost you at least $2.6 trillion dollars (600 times the cost he is panhandling about now) in the long run, and we will never seal the border fully under his plan. The problem with Bush is he cannot possibly be taken seriously on border security. He has had so many opportunities to take care of this that it is beyond pathetic for him to be trying to tinker with it at this late date.

The job will have to be done by men of moral stature far higher than Bush. Men who deal with men on one and only one level – as rational beings who believe in the founding vision of this country. Men who understand that the rule of law and American’s inherent right to life, liberty and property are non-negotiable.

Bush wants to deal with you and I as mystic believers in a higher power which by definition subordinates those inherent and fundamental rights. And for whom is he subordinating our rights this time? Predominantly Mexicans who have entered this country illegally. And he is doing so under the assumption that everything will work out just fine if we simply grant citizenship to people and their relatives who have blatantly broken our laws, and to reward the inefficiency of employers, in fact whole industries, which employ these low-cost illegals by inticing yet more barriers to real innovation and actual productivity gains. For a guy with a Harvard MBA, this is all truly stunning.

Bush argues that “doing nothing is not a plan,” you hear him say this almost daily. Problem is, it is he who has done nothing on this matter since September 12th, 2001. Shame on him. The border could have and should have been sealed by the end of September of 2001 with troops. The fence could have been built by now. Instead, his “do nothing” approach has worked fabulously – it has allowed probably a couple of million Mexicans into these United States illegally.

Bush has no moral authority in this matter, he has proven himself to be sorely lacking in this department and his former “conservative” base has left him to the political graveyard. With all due respect, Mr. President, I find your proposals regarding illegal immigrants and the security of our southern border to be deeply and sorely lacking.

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