Get the wax out.

The year is 2025, citizens are scratching their heads in historical bewilderment at the idea of global warming – A trendy socialist/environmentalist fraud purportrated on the masses round about 2007. Just a mere 18 years later and it is global cooling which has created a real crisis. “Had they just had the sense to understand that it was the sun and not carbon dioxide which drives global climate change purhaps we could have dealt with this cooling crisis better. Our crop yields are far less, we have more people than ever to feed and the government mandates are stifling progress.”

Folks, we have written about this matter before. It is clearly far more likely that cooling will prevail as we emerge from this interglacial period. The sunspot cycles are definitely setting up for us to experience those grand snowfalls of our youth… It could get very cold, and dealing with the mere heating of homes and businesses will be job one. To accomplish such a demand for energy we need to begin construction on numerous nuclear power plants NOW. We do not have the luxury to wake up in 2020 only to find that the next five years will be colder than the last five (which could easily be modern records).

Climate science is a newborn, an infant who will struggle to gain rational sense. But it needs to grow up fast because there are many bright eyes now who see cooling as the next really major climatic change on the horizon. Bottom line, get the wax out and learn to cross country ski.

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