The Man Who Destroyed The Global Warming Myth

Well, actually, in my view, I will cast two votes. First, from a lay perspective, Steve Milloy over at Then, the real mind and rational human Lubos Motl.

The anthropogenic catastrophic global warming alarmism, insofar as carbon dioxide is concerned (and several other gases), is now been fully refuted, and while there may or may not be consensus on this point presently reality is the court of final appeal. Lubos Motl has almost single handidly in a very short and straightforward way demolished the alarmists. Well, their incredibly flawed arguments that is…

Lubos Motl, for those of you who do not know of him, is a theoretical physicist whose area of expertise is String Theory. Formerly of Cambridge (Harvard University), what makes Motl somewhat unique is that he simply looks at the facts, or more accurately looks for the facts and when missing points out where the logic of the alarmists is seriously flawed.

Why is there a substantial degree of confidence in the analysis put forth by Lubos Motl? It is rather logical and obvious – his intellegence. Science, and scientific inquiry specifically, has a hierarchy of conceptual complexity that is very broad. Moreover, different people come to the science lab with different capabilities – at times, markedly different. The fact of the matter is that a string theorist, particularly this string theorist, is clearly capable of working with the measurement profiles of atmospheric temperature, and solving the integral equations of radiative transport. In fact, one could suggest that it might fall to the level of child’s play.

On the other hand, it is rather doubtful (in fact, a virtual certainty) that a member of The Weather Channel staff, and climatologists in general, could make any meaningful contribution to string theory; such characters are simply and fundamentally ill-equiped to handle the mathematics. There is a great degree of conceptual complexity difference between the sceince of elementary thermodynamic radiation and absorption of gases verses string theory. The breadth is stunning and the average person simply cannot grasp the distance. For merely that you must be adept and skilled in statistical physics, general relativity, quantum physics, classic and quantum field theory, and mathematics that would blow your mind.

The real debate, the one that I would pay to see, would be to have a charlatan such as Al Gore up against a brilliant physicist such as Lubos Motl. Of course, this would never happen as Al would never agree to such a stark contrast between social mysticism and reality…

For those of you truly interested: The Dynamics of The Greenhouse Effect, by Lubos Motl

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