The Air We Breathe

Below is a chart using the data obtained from non-biased sources (readily available information from any of a variety of sources on the internet)1.


Interesting, is it not?

What I would like to know is where are all the goofy environmentalist/alarmists when it comes to Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon? I mean, really, 99.93% of the air we breathe is composed of just those three gases, yet all we seem to hear about is the concentration of a minor trace gas (carbon dioxide) which accounts for LESS THAN 1/2 of 1 percent! Currently, the number is pegged at 385 parts per million (volume). What does that mean? Well, it’s the equivalent ratio of 3.85 pennies out of a $100 bill. Or, roughly, 4 pennies out of a pile of 10,000…

Humans, in the course of their daily lives, producing, consuming, and generally living contribute approximately 3.5 % of the carbon dioxide (that evil and pernicious “pollutant”) that is emitted into the atmosphere. Yup, just 3.5%2.

So, we are supposed to be concerned about our impact of contributing 3.5% of the approximately .04 % of the atmosphere which theoretically causes catastrophic global warming?

Our impact then, as regards carbon dioxide, is essentially (.035 X .04%) 0.0014% of the atmosphere.

If the atmosphere were illustrated as a standard Olympic-sized swimming pool (which has a volume of about 800,000 gallons) we are talking about 800,000 times .0014%, which turns out to be somewhere around 10 gallons. Keep in mind, that out of the total pool 320 gallons of the 800,000 gallons is carbon dioxide. During the course of a year, new natural additions are roughly 55 gallons and new human additions are roughly 10 gallons. Plants and oceans gobble up CO2 constantly producing the oxygen we all need, so the net addition by humans and natural causes at the end of the day is presently approximately 1.6 gallons. The human part of this is 1/4 of a gallon, again out of a total atmosphere of 800,000 gallons. Ten gallons is not even a full tank of gasoline…

Just for further illustration as to the magnitude here, 10 gallons of gas will get me about 220 miles in my turbo charged chariot, 800,000 gallons gets me 17,600,000 miles, which is about 75 trips to the moon, or 733 trips around the world. That’s the relative nature of these measures folks. We are talking about the difference between driving from Hudson, Wisconsin to Madison, Wisconsin verses driving 733 times around the world! The massive amounts of money which the congress would have us spend might, MIGHT, alter the relative measures here to the extent that you would only drive 180 to 200 miles instead… That’s it. And I am supposed to alter my personal lifestyle (my carbon footprint) to potentially alter this total human contribution by maybe a fraction of an ounce?

Of course, this discussion gets even more inane because we need to understand the warming effect of carbon dioxide.. It’s one thing to discuss the basic facts of concentrations, additions, sources and uptake by plants and animals, but it is a completely different discussion as to the effects upon the warming of the air we breathe. It turns out that the warming effect of CO2 is not just insignificant, but profoundly so. The real driver of the so-called greenhouse effect is clearly and incontrovertibly water vapor – uncontrollable and all natural.

The bottom line is that man-made contributions of CO2 are simply not something we need to be worried about, except to the extent that we do not produce ENOUGH of it. We cannot live without it, we can clearly live with far more of it. We humans are simply not (and do not have the ability) the primary cause of whatever extent global warming is actually taking place , and any efforts to alter the climate by altering out output of CO2 is utterly meaningless.

1 NASA’s earth fact sheet
2 “Anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 additions comprise (11,880 / 370,484) or 3.207% of all
greenhouse gas concentrations, (ignoring water vapor).”

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