A discussion with Mike Church


Bil Danielson, co-author of The Price of Sin (Xlibris Publishing), had the opportunity to chat briefly with Mike Church on his nationally syndicated radio talk show (Sirius Radio, Channel 144). The discussion surrounded Mr. Danielson’s ongoing frustration with Republicans of virtually every stripe who continue to make the irrational argument for lowered tax rates on the premise that it will return more revenue to the governments in question.

While this is clearly one of the effects of lowered tax rates, it is Mr. Danielson’s opinion (and one we clearly agree with here at TPOS) that this is an irrational, untenable position for individuals who purport to believe in smaller, limted government – ostensibly the hallmark of the GOP. The problem, as Mr. Danielson points out, is that if you are going to lower tax rates it ought not be for the purpose of increasing the size and scope of the government! Rather, lowered tax rates are right and proper because they return money to the people who earned it, thus increasing their freedom and liberty by virtue of keeping more of what they earn.

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