Polar b.s.

“After almost three months of working with those who know the Arctic best – among them Inuit Indians, who are appalled at the way an animal they have lived beside for centuries has become a poster species for “misinformed” Greens”- Nigel Marven finds himself in broad agreement.”

Today, the polar bear population is healthy and is estimated at approximately 25,000. Polar Bears live in Russia, Alaska, Greenland, Norway and Canada. Notwithstanding the facts, our children (this happened last week to my daughter) are bombarded with this message: “if the planet continues to overheat at the present rate, within four decades our biggest carnivore will be extinct, starved to death as its natural hunting grounds disappear.”

The message is clear and fits perfectly into the anti-capitalist, anti-human strategy and worldview. It is our activities as humans, engaging in the pursuit of our inalienable right to happiness, that are to blame. It’s the pursuit of happiness through capitalism these so-called environmentalists eschew; the individual freedom and liberty to reshape the world to reflect our values and to keep to product of our work. Make no mistake about the nature of these social mystics, they are not about conviction – they are all about commanding. Conviction is an independent and ruthlessly objective view of reality. Just as a preacher cannot use conviction to make you believe that a virgin can give birth, environmentalist mystics cannot use conviction to make you believe that two polar bears frolicing on a melting iceberg in the midst of summer, is actually occuring in the dead of winter!

What they (and particularly, their spokesman Al Gore) seek is power over reality and over men’s means of perceiving it. Al Gore is attempting to interpose his irrational will between existence and consciousness as if, by agreeing to fake the reality he orders them to fake, all the people’s of the world would, in fact, create it. And they (he) will use our children, they will try to infect you from the pulpit, and they will use any and all means at their disposal to implement their globalized collectivist worldview. As a tool in their propaghanda machine, the polar bear is a useful idiot.

David Jones, in his recent Daily News article, writes: From the arctic (Churchill, Manitoba, so-called Polar Bear Capital of the world) you hear this cry: “Come up and see them while you still can.” Jones continues, “To some Churchill residents, who base their opinions on personal experience rather than fancy charts and computer models, this is so much nonsense put about by scaremongers for their own dubious ends. . . . Not long ago, this isolated outpost on Hudson Bay was in financial trouble. ”

Jones, in a recent trip to Churchill was recounting the experience of following wildlife documentary maker Nigel Marven. Their trip included plenty of conversation with local, Churchill, residents who remember when Churchill was but a spec on the map, on the brink of extinction while the bears went about their usual business around them.

Jones states, “Then, wealthy tourists discovered the thrill of nature-watching breaks and Churchill, home to the most easily accessible polar bear population, became a fashionable – and newly prosperous – adventure holiday destination.” Churchill has been rejuvinated, with tourist dollars as Jones states further, “With the clamour over global warming, it has become a magnet for an army of environmentalists and climatologists who have given Churchill an air of impending doom.” Of course, it is no longer doom for Churchill but rather the bears, due to the mantra of the whack-jobs whose message is: “The Arctic ice-cap is shrinking fast and as it disappears, so too will the polar bears.”

What makes Churchill unique in the realm of polar bears is the historical, climatological, ethological fact that the bears congregate in and around Churchill just after the ice melts until the ice re-freezes on Hudson’s Bay. This natural phenomena results in over a 1000 bears wandering onto the shore every year. Jones’ and Marvin’s local guide on this trip was a fellow named Dennis Compayre whow was born and raised in Churchill. Jones states from interviewing Mr. Compayre that, “Dennis is among those who eye the new ‘experts’ in town with deep suspicion.”

“Dennis Compayre raises bushy grey eyebrows as he listens to the environmentalists predict the polar bear’s demise.”
Compayre is quoted in Jones’ article saying: ” ‘They say the numbers are down from 1,200 to around 900, but I think I know as much about polar bears as anyone, and I tell you there are as many bears here now as there were when I was a kid,’ he says as the tundra buggy rattles back to town across the rutted snowscape’ . . . . ‘Churchill is full of these scientists going on about vanishing bears and thinner bears’. . . .They come here preaching doom, but I question whether some of them really have the bears’ best interests at heart’. ”
Folks, the bear-watching industry in Churchill is now big bucks and, as Jones states, “what better way to keep people coming than to tell them they’d better hurry to see the disappearing bears.”

Jones concludes his article thusly, “After almost three months of working with those who know the Arctic best – among them Inuit Indians, who are appalled at the way an animal they have lived beside for centuries has become a poster species for “misinformed” Greens” – Nigel Marven finds himself in broad agreement.” Jones quotes Marven as stating: “I think climate change is happening, but as far as the polar bear disappearing is concerned, I have never been more convinced that this is just scaremongering, People are deliberately seeking out skinny bears and filming them to show they are dying out. That’s not right. “

Jones full article here

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