Noonan asks if even Reagan could get nominated.

As I have been saying, the Huckster is a joke in a cloak and the GOP has become an abomination.

pnoonan.gifPeggy Noonan essentially agrees; she would never say it that way, yet gets to the nub of it tactfully. The apologists will soon emerge on Fox News, spinning on the no-spin zone with the pabulum that 70% of Americans believe in God and therefore we live in a Christian nation and therefore we should all take heart that people like Huckabee have been delivered to us… Folks, when you shift your means of perception from the objective to the collective, waiting for the 70% to tell you what to think, you’ll discover a more subtle but far more damning change has occurred; those who presume the role of the preacher, either politically or spiritually, become the ruler. When you object, charging that they cannot presume to know the mind of the American people-or worse, all of mankind-they will have an answer for you: how do you know? And therein lies the abject danger.

The brilliant (and gorgeous) Ms Noonan is stunningly correct when she states her doubt about whether Ronald Reagan could be the nominee in this incarnation of the GOP stating, “I wonder if our old friend Ronald Reagan could rise in this party, this environment. . . . I’m just not sure he’d be pure enough to make it in this party. I’m not sure he’d be considered good enough.” Well, while you’re at it Peggy, you may as well add these names too: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Thomas Paine, James Madison, Ben Franklin, and Ethan Allen. None of these brilliant men could pass the dual litmus tests of overt,
evangelical, Christianity and a proclaimed position as being pro-life.

This should be stunning to the GOP’ers, but somehow I doubt it.

Top notch article by Ms Noonan on Opinion Journal

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