A dark cold day for America

In an acquiescence to the irrational, the U.S. delegation head, Paula Dobriansky, has started America down the path of global tyranny – not tyranny by us over the world, but tyranny of the UN over all of us, everywhere, based on non-science. Those words, “we will go forward and join consensus” have just elevated the global warming debate to whole new level of concern.

Global warming alarmism, and its implicit activism, has no business controlling anything we do here in the United States until and unless there is irrefutable proof of global warming as a dependent variable, and man’s activities in pursuing life and increased standards of living the independent variable, i.e., contributions of green house gases to the environment as the catalyst. Neither aspect has been proven, moreover this idea that it is somehow BAD that the United States is the biggest emmitter of green house gases is an absolute canard. The issue, if one wants to go there, is not whether you are an emmitter or not but rather what is the NET contribution. On that score, North America is actually a cabon sink taking up more CO2 than it produces. You don’t see that mentioned in this idiocy anywhere.

I implore people to understand what is going on here. The earth’s climate is controlled 99.999 % by factors over which we have 00.00% control. Yet, our representative in Bali has summarily bent over to allow for further negotiations which could lead to 100% of our economic lives being significanly affected by UN pseudo-science masquarading as “settled science,” or “consensus.”

In fact, a group of highly respected scientists wrote an open letter to Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General, United Nations, stating that the Bali Climate conference is, “taking the World in entirely the wrong direction.”

This is a very dark cold day for America brought to you by a member of the Bush Administration.

In a day of drama and emotional speeches, nations had berated and booed the U.S. representatives for holding out. A wave of relief swept the room when the United States relented.

“The United States is very committed to this effort and just wants to really ensure we all act together,” said Paula Dobriansky, head of the U.S. delegation.

“With that, Mr Chairman, let me say to you we will go forward and join consensus,” she said to cheers and claps.

James Connaughton, chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said: “This is not a step taken alone by America. This is a step taken by all the countries that the time had come to open a new chapter.”

“Breakthrough” in Bali

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