Governor Rick Perry – quote of the day.

“Every child is entitled to a public education, but public education is not entitled to every child” – Texas Governor Rick Perry

Governor Perry is virtually there.. Where he is off-base is calling a state-run, monopolistic, compulsory education system “public.” It is, in fact, government schooling. Period.

Virtually all would chime in that an educated public is critical, but in attaining this seemingly elusive goal it is hardly the case that government schooling is the most effective mechanism. It’s clearly not the only way. It is, however, the most divisive and inefficient.

To call this leviathan monstrosity “public” gives the public a very bad name.

Let’s be clear and go foward using proper terminology, i.e., government schooling, government schools, government school teachers, etc.

Every child is entitled, by virtue of the force of law and coercive taxation, to attend a government school, but the government is not entitled to every child…

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