Is Race The Real Issue Here?

obama.jpgAcross every news outlet and out of the mouths of virtually every talk show host comes the premise of Barak Obama’s current political problem. The race issue, it is argued, is the principal matter to which Obama now alludes in his attempt to distance himself from an outspoken religious mystic whom he allowed his family to be influence by for years. Twenty, approximately… What is clearly missed in all corners of this discussion is the real issue, religion itself.

In my view (and that of others) it is utterly obvious Obama joined the church run by Pastor White for political convenience. Its 8000 members at the time was the perfect place for him to get a foothold in Chicagoland, and thus a staging area for his political aspirations. Clearly, this guy did not move to Chicago to engage in capitalism, he moved to Chicago to commence a political career on the left. He did what he had to do to accomplish the task necessary, to create the image needed to succeed politically on the left. For a half-breed like Obama, who attended an Ivy League school and was raised in Hawaii, moving to Chicago and pursuing a left-handed political career meant having to work the depraved side of the equation. He had to set up the image that he believed in the theory that the greater the love, the greater the depravity it affords to the loved… Just listen to what passes for his “soaring rhetoric.” It is full of this self-sacrificial, government is the solution to all problems, pabulum. This concept is the embedded premise of all mystics – both social and religious. But when the religious mystic and the social mystic mix into one person you end up with a confliction between the enlightenment induced conception of individual liberty and the good of the collective. It is an irreconcilable difference.

If you truly subscribe to such a theory then you are obligated to believe that love, friendship, respect, and admiration are merely the appreciation of another person not based on your rational measure of their objective value, but rather as an act of selflessness, that as far as one’s own selfish interest and pleasure are concerned, it makes no difference whether one deals with a genius or a fool, whether one meets a hero, a thug, a drug dealer or a child rapist. All are equal in the eyes of the mystics. It would not matter to you whether you married a person consonant with your values and pleasing to your sight, or a mere slut. Such is the dilemma of those who try to commit to both religious mysticism AND social mysticism. Either one, on their own, is problematic but both in tandem results in tyranny over the mind of man. Put into the political realm it can only result in collectivism – socialism, democratic nationalism, communism, etc. Such precludes free will and free minds, such is truly the antithesis of the unique American idea. A concept to which Barak Obama simply has no idea, or perhaps is too cute by half in his (and his ilk’s) unbridled attempt to demolish it completely.

It is clear to me (and always has been the case with me) that it matters not what color (or combination of colors) a person may be – that is merely a fact that carries with it other objective issues; there is no inherent value in ones racial configuration. To assume there is, is the height and essence of racism. To preach this venom from the pulpit is the stock and trade of immoral clowns such as “Reverend” White and, profoundly, the likes of Louis Eugene Walcott aka, Louis Farrakhan. For Obama to stand up in front of all of America and raise this issue of him being half black, half white, as if this gives him some intrinsic value that you and I do not have and a perspective into both “worlds” that you and I are incapable of perceiving is evil hardly to be matched. Yet such is fully consistent with the moral bankruptcy and tenets of his and Reverend White’s other-world view. Obama has no other experience or background to rest upon, ergo it is by obvious analysis that this is the case. To go so far as to regularly patronized a church based upon “black values” is utterly and patently racist – if any sitting white skinned member of the United States Congress regularly attended a church where only “white values” were put forth, he or she would be run out of Washington on a rail – tar and feathers would be too good. Yet, this is the sum total of Barak Obama and his so-called “experience,” and is the overt tutelage afforded in White’s “church.” Clearly, Reverend White has either had an immense impact on Obama or Obama held very similar views prior to joining White’s church.

The problem here folks is not race; it cannot possibly be race. We do not, fundamentally, have a race “problem” here in America. We certainly have a self perpetuating perception of a race problem, and it is shoved down our throats by holier than thou libs as well as those who claim the moral authority to be the leaders of the “black community.” Moreover, we have interventionist government at virtually all levels that erect barriers and obstacles to people of all races striving for self-sufficiency and wealth creation and accumulation. The reality is that economics as a science is profoundly blind to any and all distinctions between human beings other than its fundamental requirement of using ones mind. But when the mindless or the mystics claim your wealth by tears, and cry that their lack of accomplishment is due to something other than their own lack of initiative they are simply applying their mysticism to an otherwise real world of profit and matter – it should be no surprise they do not succeed. They have allowed their only tool of perception to be disregarded out of hand – rationality. The race card makes pretty good cover then for a guy like Obama when things get tough – he just whips it out in a not so nuanced way to deflect any criticism of his utter lack of substance or real experience (note he has never run a business, never made a payroll, never served in the military, never been an overt supporter of free market capitalism, espouses social and religious mysticism, etc., etc., etc.).

But all of this, I would submit, is masking the real issue. What Obama’s campaign illustrates is that we do have a national problem-religion-coupled with a profound misunderstanding of the ideas and ideals of our founding fathers. We lack a full acceptance of Capitalism (specifically laissez faire) as the most moral system to which living, civilized, humans can ascribe. In fact, it is man-made religion itself which is at the bottom of virtually all of our conflicts and arguments; until and unless we free ourselves from the shackles of this tyranny over man’s mind we will forever be at the mercy of men, such as Pastor White, who claim insight into the mystic realm and attempt, like Obama, to implement it in the political realm.

Race is not the issue, race is merely the scapegoat.

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