Welfarmism, a new term I conjured up to describe farm welfare; the incestuous and immoral (let alone irrational and ignorant) subsidization of corn growers, and other farmers (milk, wheat, cotton, corn, soybeans and rice), in the vane attempt to manipulate markets by government to achieve some perceived socially desirable economic outcome. Then there is the sugar tariff, but that’s a discussion for another day…

In the case of ethanol drunken corn farmers, the news now is utterly bad (it was always bad, but now we’re beginning to hear some rational news reports). Yet, we still have an administration and all three remaining presidential candidates who have stated their support for farm subsidies for these welfarmism recipients.

Most folks will not come right out and say it, but I will – any farmer who accepts a handout from the government is no different than a common theif and is living in a state of utter delusion. If this same farmer goes to church on Sunday he is a profound hypocrite who mocks both his religion and the communities he farms in and around. Shame on each and every welfarmism recipient.

It is difficult to ascertain who is the more contemptible/pathetic: the politician who assumes the right to create welfarmism or the moral degenerate farmer who grants to the politicians the right to institute it in the first place.

Dear Mr and Mrs Farmer, you have five fingers. One of them ought to be directed where it will do you and us the most good… As for the largest, corporate, welfarmism recipients, you are manipulating markets buy using these subsidies at your own risk. But of course, if your little scam comes crashing down you always have the likes of Ben Bernanke to bail your subsidized ass out… Jack and Jill Farmer do not, but it still doesn’t change the nature of the acts. The welfarmism fat cat listing..

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