It was never a good idea, EVER…

Wisconsin State Senator Sheila Harsdorf has some splain-in to do, and so does Assemblygal Kitty “Committee” Rhoades, along with any of the numerous other RINO’s who advocated for and/or tacitly supported the idiocy that is an Ethanol Mandate for Wisconsin… or America.

Then you have President George W. Cumbayah who has, with apparently no critical thinking at all, recently (December 07) signed legislation that increases our commitment to use renewable fuels – primarily corn-based ethanol – to 9 billion gallons this year and then 36 billion gallons by 2022! This will result in roughly four times the 2006 mandate… The legislation passed with strong bipartisan support and signed by GWC, thus committing you and I, at the point of a gun, to ethanol for at least the next 14 years…(whether we use it or not).

These actions by elected representatives are so incredibly irresponsible that it simply boggles the mind, yet we have otherwise decent and serious people who continue to support the likes of John McCain, and continue believe Bush can fundamentally do no wrong (of course, when one is motivated by Christian faith one simply can do no wrong, right?). Please note that Mr. McCain is somewhere to the left of Bush on the environmental/biofuel issues.

Well, it should be interesting to thinking people that Popular Mechanics Magazine reports on emerging fuel alternatives in their September 2008 issue (pic above, click for larger version). It is interesting reading particularly the carefully couched quote from University Minnesota ecologist, David Tillman:

Once you add up all the energy used to fertilize, transport and process feedstock, and the vast amount of carbon released by converting land to grow it, “you suddenly have a biofuel that releases more greenhouse gas than if you just burn gasoline” . . . “It actually harms the global climate.”

What is most alarming about all of this alternative fuel hysteria is the lack of accountability by government officials and elected representative who shamefully jump on the government redistribution bandwagon, pander to their own constituents, engage in welfarmism, and then plead ignorance later when the truth becomes so clear that even they can see it… In the meantime we lose incredibly valuable time and capital that gets literally wasted – opportunity lost, cost lost, sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice.

There is no need to question your inner voice on this, President Bush is not THAT stupid to simply believe the ridiculous “science” that supposedly supports using corn for fuel, which is vacuous (again, a nice piece by the editor of PM earlier this year and, notably, several contributors out here over time). Clearly Bush signed off on this for public relations, farm welfare, and other patently political reasons (read: no good reasons).

Now, I will give Sheila Harsdorf the benefit of the doubt here – she really is not that bright and was probably duped. She really may be that naive and gullible – especially when her district is full of farmers and she happens to be a farm girl herself (which is not a bad thing!). But for crying out loud, how do you voters in the 10th Senate District keep re-electing nitwits like this!

So, this brings up two conclusions that stem from the lesson here which is, of course, that using carbohydrates to attempt to replace hydrocarbons in the production of energy is simply rediculous if energy is the goal… Conclusion one, if government simply gets out of the way the market will point towards the best solutions. This matter is clearly a case study in how government got in the way and is siphoning off valuable capital that could be used to deliver what consumers actually need – energy to pursue their goals and dreams… Conclusion two, it also demonstrates that if one is concerned, really concerned, about wasting a vote this fall then the real wasted vote is on either party. We know where the donkey’s want to go, and now the Republicans have a track record that cannot be challenged with this “lesser of two evils” nonsense. No, the only rational decision a voter can make this fall, and for some time to come, is to remove your sanction. Let the percentage of registered voters who did not cast a vote be so overwhelming that the message is clear: We do not need you, you are the problem.

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