In a return to morality, I’ll vote for n.o.t.a.

Barack Hussein Obama II will become the 44th President of The United States in January 2009.

In fact, I suspect the November election will not even be close. John McCain, like Richard Nixon, is running a campaign representing no ideology, no ideas, no philosophy. McCain is completely ignoring, and his tacit behavior only reinforces the perception that it is purposeful, the issue of what the disease is that has caused this current financial tsunami and has, effectively, destroyed capitalism (and individual liberty). McCain’s only appeal is to a misguided notion of returning back to a stage of the disease just before it became a deadly epidemic.

McCain’s overt message, and his tacit acknowledgments, imply that his vision of America is a twisted vision that says and prescribes that America was, is, and needs to be going forward a product of faith in revealed truths, coupled with an uncritical respect for the traditions of the past. In essence, McCain’s appeal to you and I can be summed up as saying that his ideas are good because they are old. And by old, I am referring generally to 1900 to date. Old-style interventionism, luke-warm socialism, and when in doubt a reliance on mysticism is now a standard of value in the worldview of McCain, his campaign, and apparently the rank and file of the Republican Party. Sarah Palin, a fundamentalist evangelical, does nothing to moderate this and in reality simply reinforces it. This silly idea of preserving tradition, per se, makes sense (politically) only to those who have no new ideas, those who have essentially given up, and to those who have zero ambition in life beyond being a cheerleader for a political party, as if they were perpetually stuck in their Junior year of high school.

On the heels of 8 years of Eisenhower, Richard Nixon (Eisenhower’s vp for all eight of those years) fought a two month campaign against John F. Kennedy for the presidency. Richard Nixon had none of the moral authority from being a prisoner of war (although he did serve in WWII), Nixon could hardly be described as a “maverick”-appealing to both sides of the isle-and Nixon had the nod of the new “neo-conservatives.” But Nixon’s conflictions and willingness to entertain communists on American soil, coupled with the fact that Nixon represented not a philosophical defense of liberty but, in fact, no philosophy or ideology at all-rather a minor modification and essentially a continuation of the “old guard.” It left Richard Nixon with little intellectual appeal.

Nixon got clocked in that election (electorally), notwithstanding a slim defeat popularly. For McCain, he has all the liabilities of Nixon and much, much more. His incredible lack of knowledge of economics, and non-thinking support of this financial bail-out, has all but sewn up this election for Obama. It is clearly Obama’s for the taking, and take it he will.. I have never witnesses this degree of blunder in a political battle, but given the characters and their worldviews this is, in the end, not surprising.

McCain has rested his case on conceding that reason is the realm of the democrats – claiming that his case rests on faith in government and a call for nationwide self-sacrifice, while providing no rational justification for-or philosophical defense of-freedom, justice, property, or individual rights. Our country is screaming for this intellectual ammunition, McCain could be the person to do it, but he simply does not have the intellectual firepower or conviction to get the job done. In the McCain-Palin realm such abstract concepts must be accepted on revelation, faith, or tradition. McCain has basically conceded that in the realm of reason and logic Obama has the upper hand. Nevertheless, this old man mumbles and bumbles on regurgitating the mantra that mysticism is more powerful than reason. This election could easily be a landslide with this degree of insult to so many rational minds that would otherwise support this man of honor, integrity and sheer grit.

The key, it seems to me, is to be a radical for morality, which is: a radical for capitalism… And until and unless the GOP puts forth a candidate that displays this philosophy completely I will remain opposed to not the lesser of two evils, but opposed to a standard-bearer who simply does not have an ideology consonant with the foundational ideas of America.

None of the above is becoming more and more the best choice in this election.

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