GOP, Rest In Peace – Post Election Thoughts…

The demise of the GOP was sealed the day it became perceived to be the party of the religious mystics, and thereby proceeded to systematically alienate everyone who formerly supported them who is not an evangelical enthusiast. There are millions of people in this country who believe deeply in individual freedom, liberty, small government and low taxes yet are NOT evangelical Christians. In fact, they are profoundly repelled by people who try to shove their Jesus cult mentality down their throats. More concerning to these people is the very idea that it could become part and parcel of the national, federal, governance of America – the country premised on religious liberty (from it and to whatever flavor one ascribes).

When the GOP selected as their standard bearer for President, a crusty old war hero with less than zero understanding of economics (and to this day has not provided a philosophical defense of capitalism in the face of Obama who directly assaulted it) and literally no appeal to anyone under the age of 45, most of the results of this election were cast in stone prior to election day. After the selection of Sarah Palin, an evangelical fundamentalist Christian, the rest of the votes were sealed up and stayed home. No one can deny at this point that the whole idea behind the selection of Palin was to rally the religious right. Clearly, it was not to add expertise in any other realm.

The idea that the GOP was headed towards neo-fascism was prevalent in many circles in this country and abroad; sensing that the GOP (and, ostensibly, the country) had moved far too far to the social right and justifying their military interventionism as much on faith as on real threats… As dissonant as that idea is to those within the GOP, it is striking and stunning to note that the character America then elected to be the next President has far more actual fascist inclinations.

The results of this election revealed that the biggest losers were the evangelical Christians who believed that they could actually use the political process in this nation to acheive goals never attainable through Sunday services… The religious right was revealed as a minority in this country that no longer can win a national election. Moreover, those who might otherwise support a reasonable GOP candidate simply sat home concluding that “none of the above” was the best use of their sacred right to vote, refusing to sanction another round of conflicted philosophies. There are not enough faith-meisters in America to out-vote the rapidly rising intellectual elitist collectivists, and those impressionable youngsters who need something to relate to in a national candidate. The youth vote went massively to Obama in this election, McCain/Palin was a bad dream for the youth in this country.

The prolife litmus test, the implicit (look the other way) socialism of Christianity applied to government programming and geopolitical mysticism (the implicit use of faith tools in real world geo-political crisis), the tacit barriers to entry to be considered a candidate as a GOP standard bearer are preeminent parts of the demise of the GOP in both of the last two election cycles (2006, 2008). This amalgum of the implicit religious creed of self-sacrifice coupled neatly with the social mysticism of the believers in government interventionism and resulted in George W. Bush operating as much on faith as he did on reason, when reason conflicted with faith he clearly let reason fall by the way. This combination proved devastating for a party and a nation, sanctioning profligate spending, irrational arguments for interventionism, acquiescence to environmental socialism, and outrageous prescriptions for fundamental economics. John McCain was incapable of fundamentally distancing himself from this, and Sarah Palin simply and profoundly reinforced it.

It is no understatement that Bush will leave office as one of the biggest disappointments of all time replaced by the most liberal (indeed socialist) gang of looters to ever hold power in North America. This replacement is taking place with the sick and pathetic notion that these equally extreme nutbags are operating on an intellectually superior level. Make no mistake about it, the gang of theives headed for Washington are philosophically further to the left than any group that has ever been in power in history and are pursuing a philosophy that has been shown to be abjectly flawed. At the end of the day, this is George Bush’s political legacy.

The heretofore unseen reality is that religious evangelicals engineered the demise by relying, at the end of the day, on faith rather than reason in their attempt to guide a nation premised upon individual autonomy, reason, free enterprise, and non-interventionism. What they have ushered in is a political gang of thugs who will use whatever tools at their disposal to force collectivism upon this society in ways and to extents heretofore unseen.

But be prepared for the big surprise, the godless collectivists who will be taking power in January will start out by telling all of us that Christian faith is fully consonant with their goals. They will appear more religious than the gang of true believers who just vacated the White House. Their thesis will be that their collectivist programme is not just consonant with but required by those of the Christian faith; what you pretend to believe on Sunday must be instituted by law on Monday. And you know what, in many ways they are correct – social mysticism and religious mysticism share the same intellectually bankrupt premise, the incredible inversion whereby the individual will now be subordinated to government at all levels.

The implicit dissonance felt by those who are card carrying Republicans over being both a supporter in capitalism (rational self-interest) and a self-immolating religious mystic (believer) will be relieved by the collectivists who will attempt to implement by government fiat a creed of national self-immolation and self-sacrifice superficially consistent as that preached to those conflicted characters every Sunday morning. They will do this to build the new national socialism. The age of American socialism may be upon us, and the age of the Christian GOP jettisoned, but the free-market thinkers will remain because they do not need religious fundamentalism and will be a rational breath of fresh air once people see the logical outcome of the real implementation of collectivism…

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