One wonders..

Leading members of the Texas scientific community, in collaboration with AAAS, have urged the Texas State Board of Education to reject amendments to the state’s draft science standards that would undermine sound science teaching. And in a commentary published in the San Antonio Express-News online edition, AAAS officials warned that approval of the anti-science amendments could undermine Texas’s reputation as a world engine of scientific discovery and innovation.

One wonders how it got to this point?

**Update** Real science dealt a blow in Texas.. Chalk one up for the mystics.

Of course, those very scientists who are lamenting this outcome in Texas also signed onto the psuedo-science of Global Climate Change… is turnabout here fair play?

No. Both situations are outrageous; the scientists at AAAS should be ashamed of their statement, which is still on their website, from 2006, and the Texas Board of Education should be ashamed for allowing the intelligent design nonsense into the mix of the science curriculum in Texas.

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