(un)Reliable Sources

CNN’s Reliable Sources-a journalistic incest session hosted by Howard Kurtz-featured Joe Kline (Time) this moring flanked by two nitwits whom I have never seen. In discussing some otherwise rediculous media gathering where pot-shots were apparently fired all about, Mr. Kline defended a joke made in reference to Rush Limbaugh.

The joke was, essentially, “did you know that there really were 20 hijackers on 9-11? It’s true, the 20th was Rush Limbaugh, but he was hung over from too much OxyContin and couldn’t make his flight…”

One of the nitwits responded by saying this was over the top, to which Joe Kline immediately objected and argued that Limbaugh is entertainment, he is fair game. Moreover, he lies 50% of the time daily to the American pubic. Message to all CNN Collbots (collectivist robots): Limbaugh, and anyone who utters anything remotely resembling Limbaugh’s views, deserve to be maligned and publicly made fun of … and telling lies to malign them is not just Ok, it is a legitimate tactic.

I would agree with Kline that Limbaugh is an “entertainer,” but to suggest he is misleading the public (who, by the way, listen to him by exercising volitional choice) by telling lies 50% of the time is so laughable it becomes stunning. Reminds one of the Anderson Cooper tea-bagging matter… and merely is taking CNN further off the left abyss – clearly this is urinalism and not journalism. Never mind the fact that if Rush Limbaugh was engaging in lies 50% of the time he would have been off the air years ago.

I have to admit, I do not listen to Rush as much as I did a few years ago (the whole satellite radio thing), but if what Kline actually meant was that Limbaugh is engaging in “social treason” by speaking literal truths that are anathema to Kline’s collectivist world-view then the liberal dink was actually under reporting.. The number should have been 75%! Now, perhaps Kline was making a feeble attempt at being facetious – and actually attempting to engage in a Limbaugh technique (illustrating obsurdity by being obsurd), but if that was the case then it was merely further proof of why Joe Kline is a hack writer for a washed-up publication and not a demonstrable success story, such as Mr. Limbaugh …

Either way, any way, one looks at it Kline is an idiot and simply wrong.

Of course, that was the point I grabbed the remote in one hand, coffee in the other, and engaged in my own volitional choice.

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