The New Counter Culture

With the Obamanation in full stride, some of my personal predictions coming true almost daily, and a host of new self-sacrificial edicts being foisted upon one and all from all corners I thought it entertaining to take a peek in the mirror.

But first, a reflection of a different sort.. I wrote on the heels of the election (11/8/2008) the following comment:

But be prepared for the big surprise, the godless collectivists who will be taking power in January will start out by telling all of us that Christian faith is fully consonant with their goals. They will appear more religious than the gang of true believers who just vacated the White House. Their thesis will be that their collectivist programme is not just consonant with but required by those of the Christian faith; what you pretend to believe on Sunday must be instituted practically by law on Monday. And you know what, in many ways they are correct – social mysticism and religious mysticism share the same intellectually bankrupt premise, the incredible inversion whereby the individual must be subordinated to a higher authority; the church or government at all levels. And since the collectivists believe fundamentally that the church is incapable in a general way to achieve their socialist goals, government will be the higher authority.


Obama has gone about as fast as I surmised, and his speeches at ASU and Notre Dame were in large part further spewing this sickening creed of self-sacrifice. It is everywhere now. Want another prediction? It will absolutely kill this country and the mystics, not Atlas, will be ones shrugging. They will shrug and say, how can we argue with the self-sacrifice preached by Obama. If we are true to our faith, we will see the truth in his call to duty… in his call to tax the achievers…. in his call to sacrifice for national healthcare… in his call to sacrifice for the workers in failed auto companies…. in his call for sacrifice to the altar of the Greens…. and on and on and on. Sacrifice for the percieved needs of others knows NO END.

Gents and ladies, those of you who frequent this site in general agreement (or amazement), you are part of the new counter culture now… Indeed, if you sense this trap tightening around your neck you must understand its root cause. When you do, you will see that you too are part of this rag tag fleet of star ships moving into the galaxy in search of a new planet where liberty, freedom, free markets, and free minds can dwell. A place where the trader is revered and the looting class non-existent. Where one’s only moral obligation to another is to act rationally… Where individual rights, not collective whim, rule and no man may infringe on the inalienable rights of another. And make no mistake about it, there is no place on this earth one can run to now.

Well, in the spirit of this mess we casually call Western civilization in the 21st century it is fascinating to read what our last semi-conscience President had to say.

Better than most…

We’ve had enough of sideline kibitzers telling us the system they themselves have disrupted with their social tinkering can be improved or saved if we’ll only have more of that tinkering or even government planning and management. They play fast and loose with a system that for 200 years made us the light of the world. The refuge for people all over the world who just yearn to breathe free. It’s time we recognized that the system, no matter what our problems are, has never failed us once. Every time we have failed the system, usually by lacking faith in it, usually by saying we have to change and do something else. A Supreme Court Justice has said the time has come, is indeed long overdue, for the wisdom, ingenuity, and resources of American business to be marshalled against those who would destroy it.

What specifically should be done? The first essential for the businessman is to confront the problem as a primary responsibility of corporate management. It has been said that history is the patter of silken slippers descending the stairs and the thunder of hobnail boots coming up. Back through the years we have seen people fleeing the thunder of those boots to seek refuge in this land. Now too many of them have seen the signs, signs that were ignored in their homeland before the end came, appearing here. They wonder if they’ll have to flee again, but they know there is no place to run to. Will we, before it is too late, use the vitality and the magic of the marketplace to save this way of life, or will we one day face our children, and our children’s children when they ask us where we were and what we were doing on the day that freedom was lost?

January 1978 Whatever Happened to Free Enterprise? by Ronald Reagan

Well, now we can answer that question for Mr. Reagan. Freedom was lost one drip at a time, and the final nail in the coffin was the irrational support for two intellectual misfits: McCain and Palin. A war hero and an evangelical journalist turned Alaskan Governor. Neither knowing anything about free markets, nor really caring to know. Both spewing right wing collectivism as if it were the righteous cause, all the while the snake in the grass had all of us by the short hair.

The Obamanation is no idiot, this was the perfect setup because in order to oppose him one has to oppose self-sacrifice which is the core of the creed of the collectivists and of the religious faithful. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what the new counter culture must be premised upon. If we do not embrace individual rights, rational thought, and free markets purely and immediately while simultaneously rejecting the creed of self-sacrifice then the answer was, at least for me, abstention.

On that day as rhetorically posed by Reagan, I abstained. I could not, would not, sanction collectivism in ANY form, or from any political gang.

Welcome, perhaps, to the new counter culture.

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