GM and Government Schools

I have an answer to the question posed byAndrew Napolitano, look to a model already fully in place: government monopolized education.

The question posed by Judge Napolitano in part 3 of yesterday’s Freedom Watch was, what will happen when people choose not to buy GM cars and, instead, choose to buy higher quality Fords? Or Subarus, or Nissans, etc? The judge is correct that they will tilt the playing field as time goes by, but what these market interventionists will eventually do is either tax companies who are not owned by the government much further so that they have to raise their prices (making the cheap and tawdry GM products more appealing to the mentally lowest common denominators in society), OR simply do what has been done in education – it is the obvious route.

How would that manifest? Well, in the socialistic, altruistic, minds of these tinkerers it isn’t fair that some people can buy an expensive SUV (think high quality private education or home school) or souped up sports car while many others have no car at all. Worse still is the very idea that manufacturing a “green” car results in a product that is too expensive for most to consider purchasing. Everyone is entitled, it is a basic right, so they will say, to the essential need of individual (and green) transportation – green cars will be an essential need and a right. And the government car company, Green Goverment Motors (GGM), will be the primary supplier. Oh, you’ll be able to buy a Ford or a Subaru, but you will pay a huge transportation tax (essential need #4 tax – think school portion of your property tax) whether you buy a GGM auto or not.

Cars, since they are a basic need, will be given out free to people who comply with the No Driver Left Behind Act (already in the works, authored by Barney Frank) – and GGM will become the largest cesspool of socialist planning on the face of the earth…

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