Democrats Secret Weapon: Republicans

It appears that a majority of Americans and, by the way, most thinking Asians, are not buying into Obama’s radical agenda. The Euros, while wary now of implementing more socialism, are, by and large, simply watching and waiting for a lead-out by America. But Obama and his collectivist ilk, along with their incredibly anti-free market, dare I say it, anti-American, philosophy are not defeated. Last night, for example, we saw Tim Geitner in a town hall style presentation drooling over the program he claims was essential to save America’s, and the World’s, financial system from itself. How was that program of massive intervention allowed to happen? Time and time again, the Democrats have a closely guarded weapon that they pull out when things get tricky; an arrow in their quiver that they fire that always saves the day. The arrow has printed upon it the following three letters: G-O-P.

The contemporary history of the gang known as Republicans reads like a bad series of novels that conclude with exactly the same scene. Premised upon an amalgamation of varios creeds of self-sacrifice, the principles they support in action are comity, consensus, and compromise. These are the real hallmarks of the current manifestation of the GOP. Long gone are the days, if they ever really existed, of an honest and uncompromising devotion to lowered taxes, small government, and more individual freedom. If the Republicans agree to (tacitly or otherwise) any form of federally-mandated health insurance, any climate legislation which impedes free enterprise under the false premise of anthropogenic catastrophic global warming, fail to argue for a decoupling of government and education, etc., on grounds that their “plans” are less intrusive and more market oriented than their Democrat “colleagues” they will have, once again, tossed liberty aside while missing the chance make a fundamental shift back from the philosophical brink. Clearly, the moral principal of individual rights is nowhere to be found, while the aforementioned notions of unity all too often become their apologetic calling card.

Patrick Bucanan wrote a piece recently asking if “America is coming apart.” He concludes his articulation of the obvious by stating:

The European-Christian core of the country that once defined us is shrinking, as Christianity fades, the birth rate falls and Third World immigration surges. Globalism dissolves the economic bonds, while the cacophony of multiculturalism displaces the old American culture.

“E pluribus unum” – out of many, one – was the national motto the men of ’76 settled upon. One sees the pluribus. But where is the unum? One sees the diversity. But where is the unity?

Is America, too, breaking up?

While Bucanan is correct in articulating the effects, he provides no clues, other than his not so veiled and rather self-serving reference to Christianity, as to the cause. Nor does his commentary provide any pathway forward other than this nondescript idea of national unity. What he should have suggested is that America IS over, and to rebuild a nation premised upon the founding philosophy of America will require not a focus on unum, but rather on individual rights. Unity is exactly what has gotten us into this mess, and more of it, especially now, is exactly and precisely what we don’t need. Sorry, Pat, but coming together as a nation to solve our problems is a bankrupt concept that may be worthy for a group of cannibals, but clearly has dire consequences for individual rights – the real philosophical premise of our founding, mottos notwithstanding…

Obama, in concert with Democrats, is promoting an agenda that is the antithesis of the philosophy embedded and enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. That philosophy reflects the founding purpose and only moral role of government with these words: “to secure these rights (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness), governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” That statement streams from the mouths of school kids, businessmen, workers, and politicians but rarely do people fully comprehend its meaning. In order to grasp this profound notion, one must understand the key; coercion is nowhere to be found in it. In fact, it implies directly and without question that we, Americans, have the profound right to live our lives free of coercion. Moreover, it is government’s prime directive to “secure” our liberty, which means our freedom FROM coercion – especially by the government itself. When viewed from this vantage point, legislation promoted or supported that would coerce any citizen (for example, mandatory insurance purchase) by force is immoral, and profoundly un-American. In layman’s terms, the government’s role is limited to protecting you, me, and our private property from violent attack from outside America, or inside.


Sadly, the history of the GOP is repleat with compromise and consensus allowing the program of the collectivists to incrementally succeed. What we see today around us, the Obama Administration and full congressional control by the Democrats, is the full implementation of everything the GOP has stood for… they have succeeded. One can come to no other conclusion than to say that whatever the principles, whatever the strategy employed, the last two decades of work done by the GOP has resulted in what we see around us today. The secret weapon of the collectivist Democrats IS the Republican Party, because it is the Republican Party that has been the accomodating enterprise that has allowed the Democrats agenda to have enough salt and pepper to be swallowed.

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