Weaving Rand and von Mises

“The lesson the intellectuals should have learned from the failure of socialism, and still could learn if they finally chose to end their ignorance and read the authors I have mentioned, above all, Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand, is the precise opposite of the one they claim to have learned. The correct lesson is that it is human reason that one must respect, namely, the reason of the individual human being. The substantive meaning of this proposition is that one must respect individual rights, as understood by John Locke and the Founding Fathers of the United States, and that the social system which one must uphold, as representing the consistent implementation of respect for individual rights, is laissez-faire capitalism.” (Capitalism, pp 104)

It is in passages like the above from which I take the position that George Reisman, above all, weaves together rather uniquely the free-market economics of both the classical school and the Austrian school, together with the philosophical defense of capitalism put forth by Ms Rand. His intellectual pedigree is that of having been a student of both.. All that was missing was weekends at the lake having cocktails and edgy chat with Isabel Paterson!

I will maintain that, regardless of his occasional errors, George Reisman is the greatest living economic thinker..

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