Sanford’s half-baked support of Rand.

Newsweek had an article out recently written by Mark Sanford…

Now this sort of an article, while in some regards flattering to Ms Rand, would be worth commenting upon, or even writing a letter to the Newsweek editor.

Or, in a pinch, one could merely read our friends to the north at The Gods of the Copybook Headings, where Publius states:

‘Atlas Hugged”
The headline writer for this Newsweek piece needs to be taken outside and shot. Not because the piece or title is derogatory toward Ayn Rand, but because the author of the piece is Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina. As you will recall Gov. Sanford admitted to an affair with a South American woman earlier this year. It’s not a bad review. Sanford, being a Christian, politely disagrees with Rand on original sin and faith.

The juxtaposition of Sanford, his recent raucous adultery, him writing in Newsweek about a philosopher who advocated reason and rationality in defense of capitalism, would be hilarious were it no so oddly uncomfortable.. I will mildly disagree with The Gods; I don’t really think it is a very well thought out piece. Moreover it smells of Sanford wanting to take Ms Rand down a notch by alluding to her non-belief in religious mysticism. So, what, does this thereby somehow raise him a notch or two? Is this some odd means of rehabilitation? The Christian Sanford had an affair yet takes issue with Ms Rand over her brilliant dissection and rejection of original sin…. There is something here that vaguely reminds of the sanction of the victim, but I will ponder that a bit more.

My advice to Mark Sanford: just dummy up and go away, we really really really don’t need to hear from you if this is the depth of your thinking.

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