I Was Wrong, by John Coleman..

This is a very insightful and thoughtful commentary written by an individual whom I have commented on here at POS. I respect his opinions and this article is worth reading; required, in fact..

John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel:

“You must know this about the leaked files. While the emails were damming, the real ‘meat’ was in sections of computer code leaked. Skeptical climate scientists have already studied it and find it an amazing manipulation that takes real temperature data and turns into a warming fairytale. Since this data forms the baseline for the research used by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, this is huge. Those who counter this argument by saying there [are] three other data bases, and the two that use surface temperatures agree with this data, need to rethink what they are saying. Think about it. This indicates that since the Angelica University data is scientifically meaningless, and the scientists at the other centers are in constant contact with the scientists there, there is a strong likelihood their data is similarly without scientific merit.”

Don’t stop, read the full article by John Coleman at ICECAP

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