The Innoculator..

There is no scientific basis whatsoever for saying there is a 90% probability (IPCC’s position) that most of the warming over the last 50 years was caused by human-kind. None whatsoever.

Monckton speaks with stunning common sense.. Play this for your family, your friends and your neighbors – especially your greener family members, friends and neighbors..

In this interview, Lord Monckton does his best to inoculate the common man from the elitist thug. Moreover, he is going to speak to the remaining democracies of the world in attendance at the Hoaxenhagen Climate Summate:

I am going to be talking to the delegations of the democracies. I am going to be saying to them, one by one, first of all here is the science; it no longer adds up. And everybody knows it no longer adds up, and your voters now know that it no longer adds up. We’re moving away from that now, and moving towards a world in which once again skepticism, which is the proper approach of the scientist, is becoming instinct in the ordinary voters mind.

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