Letter to U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (Colorado)

Senator Bennet,

My family has been here in America since the late 1600’s, I love my country and its foundational premise that government at all levels, particularly the federal level, is subordinated to the rights of the individual. Indeed, government at its best is singularly focused on the protection of those individual rights and that unique relation. This is opposed to the tyrannical regimes of the world that have taken it upon themselves to eliminate, or severely restrict, individual rights operating under the flawed notion of collective benefit or, worse, perceived need. That in this land individual rights and self determination trump perceived collective need thus allowing one the opportunity to prosper and to engage in true benevolence. Such is the hallmark and moral keystone of this great country. Yet, I am at an utter loss as to how any rational thinking individual, of any political party, who has any understanding of this unique American idea could possibly vote, as you have, to institute a legislative right to health insurance which turns all such virtue upside down.

You, sir, have voted for a bill which clearly flies in the face of The Constitution (Article 1, Section 8); If not its letter, clearly its unambiguous intention. As you ought to know, Article I, Section 8 establishes an important constitutional right to uniformity with regard to taxation and redistribution. This bill is an abomination with regard to uniformity as it clearly takes by force money from citizens of states such as Colorado, and uses it to pay for the Medicaid expenses of citizens of states such as Nebraska. You claim you do not approve of this, yet you voted for it. You cannot have it both ways. Moreover, this bill includes the requirement (subject to the threat of coercion) that citizens purchase health insurance, whether they need it, or want it. Such overt government intervention and strong arming is the antithesis of our founding principles as noted above for it clearly subordinates the rights of the individual to the state. I would expect this sort of interference by a totalitarian state, not a free country. How dare you vote for this monstrous violation of my rights as an individual and citizen!

Additionally, in your commentaries you have taken unfair and misleading pot shots at the insurance industry. You claim, by extension, that they are the root cause of the problem of the current “high cost” of health insurance and generally make them out to be some mystical boogie man. If what you were truly interested in was reducing this cost then perhaps you would have investigated why it is that insurance companies charge the rates they do. Had you done that, you would have discovered the reality that it is government regulations, anti-trust manipulations, required (mandated) coverage laws, portability restrictions, and tort law issues that impel insurers to charge what they do. And they do so in order to survive and employ the hundreds of thousands of dedicated personnel who try very hard in the face of such government intervention and coercion to act as an efficient means of spreading catastrophic risk.

In short, it is the abject absence of a free market in health insurance which has caused the high cost because it is the government and its interventions that prevent the free market to operate. Those issues could easily have been addressed with targeted legislation freeing up the market. Such would have been an intelligent, insightful, and foundationally coherent approach. Instead, you have voted to go 180 degrees, and 500 miles per hour, in the opposite direction.

Senator Bennet, I am deeply disappointed in you, disheartened, and, in fact, sickened by this initiation of tyranny over the lives of good, decent, hardworking Americans.


William Danielson
Loveland, Colorado

Note: Also see the text of the Nelson deal here..(pp 98)

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