Reflections Upon Haiti

Haiti is a country choked full of mystics including Roman Catholics (the official religion), Protestants, and the default national religion: voodoo. Pat Robertson just recently indicated he believed that the earthquake in Haiti was likely the result of a deal Haitians made with the devil ( Moreover, Robertson suggested that this massive earthquake (a natural phenomena) was a “blessing in disguise.”

This event (the earthquake) should reveal the utter idiocy and waste associated with mysticism of all varieties. Had Haitians lived a rational existence, my suspicion is that their economic connections and infrastructure development would have been such that although still likely devastating the loss of life would have likely been much less, and the rebuilding a far less complex burden on those who are now responding to Haiti’s desperate cry’s. The long tail on this is yet to be revealed, but you can almost bet it will develop far beyond merely pulling people out of rubble, fixing broken bones and downed power lines, and burying the dead.

Empathy towards innocent casualties of this event is, in my view, a valid reaction. Moreover, if one has the ability, and there are no other options (presently, it appears massive collectivized aid is streaming into Haiti), it is reasonable to help those who are truly innocent casualties. But separating those from others who purposefully lived and promoted the irrational belief that mysticism would protect them from all threats (man-made and natural) is not easy to do. To the extent one can, one should assist only in helping those who were not engaged in such behavior, for to do so threatens all of us with the idea that self sacrifice propelled by misplaced guilt can force one (or a whole nation) to subsidize the logical outcome of such irrational and illogical belief systems…

I am and will remain opposed to all man-made religion and the cults they spawn. What remains is the world around me, and the tools it offers to live, trade, and prosper. I always have assisted those in true need when I have come upon them, to the best of my ability. I will not subsidize or enable the furtherance of any religion, or the cults they spawn.

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