GaGa rips Catholics a new one.

Of course, being GaGa means being a bit risque.. Hmmm, a bit Madonna-esque. However, this particular video has the symbolism to make most stand up and watch (as well as listen). The song, Alejandro, is marvelous (I have had it in my iPod for quite some time now).. Nevertheless, this video supposedly offends certain people; principally Catholics.

Those who are offended should note the symbolism here – a combination of all that religion relies upon: hypocrisy, unearned guilt, and fear. Priests within the church commit untold (and told) transgressions against young boys, it slanders homosexuals; it is homophobic to the core. Worse yet, it engages in the overt and purposeful indoctrination of very young people who do not have the intellectual capacity to fully grasp the concepts being rammed down their throats along with the faux bread and grape juice.

It is hard not to see the overt symbolism, particularly second time through.. The authoritarian sense at the opening, followed later on by images that lend a sense of obedience and submission. The coup de gras then comes with the beads going down GaGa’s throat; clear and powerful symbolism of how religion is forced down the proverbial throat … of young children and adults. And as I have said before, it is child abuse to force children into religion. Moreover, we have people willing to strap explosives to themselves and walk into crowded venues killing as many as possible IN THE NAME OF RELIGION.

It matters NOT which flavor of mysticism you bend over for, the premise is the problem – reality is its problem.

So, if you are offended by this video consider your premise..

Bravo GaGa!

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