Welcome to the Future

Ditch the archaic/antiquated pumps and you’ll really look like you’re ready for the future – nice notes by Ari Armstrong.

My prediction is that the greatest revolution of our time will not be technological, but rather philosophical. Mark my words, reason will win easily and hands down over mysticism of every form – it already is in many ways, both subtle and profound. And the soon the better; for you, me, and all of our progeny.

However short this intellectual battle may be, historically speaking, it could be both bloody and painful. Nevertheless, the greatest leap mankind all over the planet can make, a leap that will save him from certain doom, IS the leap from superstition and mysticism of any and all forms to the premise of and absolute reliance upon reason and rationality. In all affairs.

I for one wholeheartedly welcome and revel in what a future universally premised upon reason may hold, and I do not regret I will not be there to see it blooming. Knowing how an enlightened view of reason and individual rights have filled me with an incredible sense of liberation in my own lifetime gives me great reason to be profoundly optimistic in viewing the prospects for the longer term..

Welcome to the Future – indeed!

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