“Fracing Amazing” – Indeed!

Engineering, per se, is defined as “applying the laws of mathematics as well as science, in a way in which the properties of matter and the natural energy resources can be made useful to the mankind. It applies scientific knowledge to work out technical solutions for humans1,2“.

In other words, exploit the earth or die. Which means, either use science and technology (with a fundamental premise of reason as one’s principal guide) in ever greater scope and application to enhance and improve our lives and livelihoods, or relegate to live as uneducated, mystic rubes who have no conceptualization or practical tools with which to manipulate the world around them so as to sustain their lives. Let alone pursue happiness and increasing standards of “life.” This is such a profound truth, that to argue otherwise leaves one utterly breathless because the implication is, simply and without need of any debate, death worship and immorality unmatched.

This technology of fracing represents some amazing achievements in applied science. What we see is a grand example of scientific synergism involving all four major types of engineering (chemical, civil, mechanical, and electrical), as well as specialized subsets.

“In the Eagle Ford and elsewhere, by hitting the horizontal source rock horizontally, drilling operations can fracture one section of rock after another without needing to drill a single additional hole in the ground.

Here’s the upshot. In 2004 engineers were able to produce a total of just over 90 gallons a day out of the entire Eagle Ford. In 2007 this number had increased to 125 gallons per day. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling led to this number jumping by over 100 times to 15,040 gallons per day by 2008–and then to 3.5 million gallons per day by 2011.

And this is just one case among a growing many.

This increase in value creation is being repeated all over the country in places such as in North Dakota where the Bakken source rock is responsible for North Dakota’s recent assent to third highest oil-producing state. And these technologies have been even more productive in extracting copious quantities of oil’s geological cousin, natural gas, from the ground.

It is no accident that all of this occurred in the country with the greatest respect for property rights in the world. And as politicians deride oil production with cliches such as “drilling won’t solve our problems,” we should remember that the freedom to drill has made every American’s life better with Eagle Ford and other triumphs.”

“Fracing Amazing” full article here

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