The Honda Amendment, “dispicable.”

Via The Reference Frame today… and I could not agree more.

by flash“On Wednesday night, the U.S. lawmakers discussed an amendment to their bill about NSF – the final bill passed 399:17. The amendment written by Rep. Mike Honda (CA) asks NSF to fund special activities meant to introctrinate K-12 students with ideology about the man-made global warming. Honda even explains that ‘people normally can live without any understanding of science but AGW is an exception.’

Wow. Your humble correspondent thinks just the opposite. Basics of serious, solid, and well-established science and methods that the students can actively and independently use in the future should be taught at these schools instead of ad hoc pre-boiled myths and shaky, ideologically polluted pseudoscientific results promoted by the morally and professionally lousiest segment of the contemporary scientific community. For example, if the education didn’t fail so miserably a few decades ago, at least somewhat educated and critically thinking people could be members of the U.S. House instead of people such as Mike Honda today.

The despicable amendment passed 252:165 and attempts to guarantee that the education would be scientifically balanced have failed. Well, reasonable children will have to try to defend their intellectual integrity against some of the teachers with additional rubber bullets in the class. I wish the teachers who join this politically-driven brainwashing campaign an extremely hard time in the class.”

Luboš Motl, Harvard University (bio here)

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